Arriving to the Middle East

I've realised that I'll probably lag behind a few days with my blogging on this topic. It's too many impressions to take in and process to actually realise what I'm doing! Just saying :)

So, I took off from Göteborg, Landvetter Airport. The flight was almost 45 minutes late off the ground because of bad weather in Frankfurt, where I had a connecting flight to the Middle East. So when I landed in Frankfurt I had to run across the whole airport to make it to the boarding time there. And that's not a small airport, believe me! Anyway, I made to the gate and was comfortable on the plane when we took off yet again.

After a 5 hour flight we landed in King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia to top up the fuel and let some passengers off. And that was the first impression of the Middle East — when they opened the doors to the plane I could feel the 35 C hot air streaming in to the air conditioned plane smelling like sand (?? yeah actually). And apparently that was nothing to what's coming ;)

After another 2 hour flight I finally landed at Doha international airport, Qatar. After getting through the passport control, showing up the business visa that Al Jazeera issued me, I was met up by representatives from Al Jazeera that drove me to the apartment compound which will be my home for my time here (pictures of it on my Facebook). And here I was, right in the Middle Eastern heat and traffic chaos ;) Now I felt this whole thing was for real! :)

So, after arriving to my apartment, full of new impressions, I got a few new interesting ones. They have switches on all electronic outlets here which is kind of fun if you like buttons ;) Also, they don't use toilet paper (!), instead they use a bidet, so one needs to always carry tissues. But, being a good traveller I'd already read up on that and was prepared! Here is how you use a bidet for your reading and watching pleasure ;)

Shortly after processing all that I got a surprise welcome by @itanio and @mskayyali which both I will be working with. It was really fun and exciting to finally meet them in person! Thanks for that guys! :) After that, they gave me some practical guidelines for the coming day — my first day at the office! But that is a new blog post ;)