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Last Thursday was my first day at Al Jazeera, or actually only half a day (I needed to sleep some extra after all the travelling). It started with one of my colleagues picking me up at my apartment. Then we went to pick up some papers for me to be able to get through security into the Al Jazeera compound. They take security very seriously (scanner, bag check), which is a good thing.


I've realised that I'll probably lag behind a few days with my blogging on this topic. It's too many impressions to take in and process to actually realise what I'm doing! Just saying :)

Wow, it was a while ago I wrote on this blog. But expect the posts coming more often now, with reason being the announcement I want to make -- I'm leaving my day job in Sweden for a year to move down to Qatar, Doha to work for Al Jazeera!

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